Selection process and motivation

Working at NLMK is an opportunity to create a new future for yourself with one of the world’s most efficient metals companies. NLMK is building a team of professionals offering comprehensive support to talented and ambitious employees who bring new ideas to life and are focused on results.

  • 17.6 m RUB

    budget for personnel trainings for 2016

  • 19.5%

    employees yonger than 30 


The company has an active HR policy aimed at attracting and retaining the most talented young employees. The policy promotes fair salary growth, use of various types of incentives, implementation of a large-scale training and development programme for personnel, provision of safe working conditions and social protection of employees.

The strategic goal of the HR policy is to form a team capable of tackling the company’s strategic business objectives.

Stoilensky’s HR policy is based upon the principles of social partnership between the employees and the employer, and their mutual responsibility for the results of their work. The policy ensures safe working conditions, remuneration in accordance with the achieved results, equal opportunities for all employees, compliance with social benefits and guarantees, as well as the implementation of additional corporate social programmes.

Strictly observing these principles, Stoilensky systematically implements programmes designed to motivate the personnel for highly productive work, creates conditions for the professional development, provides career promotions to the best workers, and attracts young talent and experienced skilled professionals to the plant.


Stoilensky creates favourable working conditions and motivates the staff to work effectively. Stoilensky employs a competitive remuneration system and other ways to motivate employees, including bonuses for performance, extended social benefits and opportunities for professional development.

Basic principles and approaches in the field of social support for the personnel are governed by the collective agreement adopted at Stoilensky. Benefits package includes such areas as recreation of employees, catering and leisure, labor protection, support of motherhood and childhood, social support for retirees and veterans, social encouragement of the best workers, and various types of social payments.


The priority areas of Stoilensky’s social policy include safe working conditions, personnel health promotion, recreation for the employees and their families and development of the region.

All plant personnel participate in voluntary health insurance programmes: the workers receive free medical services in the clinic of Stoilensky’s medical unit and other medical institutions of the country. All plant employees are also insured against occupational accidents.

The employees have the opportunity to enjoy an annual programme of spa treatments and recreational holidays in spas of Caucasian Mineral Waters and the Central Black Earth region. Stoilensky workers can enjoy these spa programmes any time of the year.