Students and schoolchildren

The cooperation between Stoilensky and professional schools is a way to ensure that qualified personnel, adapted to production technology joins structural units of the plant. It is to receive such personnel that the plant’s actions in the framework of cooperation programmes with educational institutions of the city are aimed at.


students from Stary Oskol and cities of Belgorod region

Dual training

Stoilensky as a major employer together with Stary Oskol Industrial and Technology College carries out joint activities on the introduction of the elements of dual training in the priority areas of the following specialties: "Maintenance of railway rolling stock" and "Maintenance and repair of automobile transport".

"School of the Young Miner"

School of the Young Miner was created in 2015 to raise the interest of schoolchildren of Stary Oskol Urban District to engineering and technical professions that are in demand at Stoilensky, to motivate them to enroll to MISIS, National University of Science and Technology, to study these professions. Classes at the school will help learners to form an idea about the specialties that are in demand at the plant and prepare for entrance exams to the university.

"Stoilensky’s Student" programme

"Stoilensky’s Student" programme was developed for 11-year school graduates and it provides funding to study in leading Russian universities for those applicants who win the competition. The primary goal of this programme is to develop human potential of the enterprise and to attract graduates of the country's leading universities to work at Stoilensky.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training for students is held at all structural units of Stoilensky. The purpose of this practice is to prepare young professionals for timely filling of the vacancies. The primary goal of such training is to share experience, develop professional skills and competencies specific to the production, to get familiar with the traditions of the plant. For the period of on-the-job training, the students are assigned to experienced, highly skilled workers - vocational instructors.

In accordance with the requests of the structural units the best students enrolled in popular specialties and professions have the opportunity to take paid internship. Based on the results of the on-the-job training graduates can seek further employment at the plant.

Stoilensky class

Since 2016 Stoilensky together with the Education Department of the Starooskolsky urban district has been implementing a new project on career counseling. In sponsored school No. 27, students with good marks in physics and mathematics formed a "Stoilensky class", while in schools No. 27 and No. 34 professional orientation groups were created from among students of 7-11 grades.

During the entire schooling period, the children get additional classes on Mining and Beneficiation of minerals. These classes are given by the faculty members of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, who use the Institute’s teaching programmes.

Senior students of the field-oriented class enjoy additional classes in mathematics, physics and computer science as part of their training for the USE.

All participants of vocational guidance projects can take elective classes at the Center for Technical Creativity, participate in excursions to Stoilensky, meetings with the company’s representatives, educational events and competitions. In the summer period, there is also field-oriented shift "Stoilensky holidays" organized in the children's health camp "Lesnaya Polyana".

After they complete the training, the participants have to take the final attestation in the form of Olympiad. The earned points are taken into account when entering the Starooskolsky Institute of Technology under Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and Shukhov’s Technical University to major in field-specific subjects.

Vocational guidance projects aim to train school graduates with deep knowledge and necessary competencies, ambitious in obtaining specialties that are in demand in the mining industry.