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Our extensive resource base is situated in a low-cost region (Russia). Our Russian assets fully supply the Group’s requirements for iron ore concentrate, sinter ore, and coke, and the majority of our scrap and electrical power needs.

Iron ore at the Stoilensky deposit is mined in a number of open pits. Mine development is conducted with outside iron ore waste dumping. Loose deposits are mined using a bucket wheel excavator and shovel excavators, while overburden, high-grade ore and iron formations require drilling and blasting operations prior to mining with shovel excavators. Rock is removed from the pit using trucks, rail and conveyor belts.

High-grade ore processing flow chart includes three stages of crushing and trommeling to produce sinter ore; beneficiation of magnetic iron oxide requires three stages of crushing including a closed-circuit final stage, three-stage reduction, magnetic separation, deslurrying and dewatering in vacuum filters. Beneficiation tailings transportation system combines pumping and gravity method. Water used for transportation is recirculated.

Stoilensky supplies all of the Group’s requirements for iron ore concentrate and sinter ore, and when our pelletizing plant is completed, it will cover all NLMK’s needs for iron ore, including iron ore pellets.

Iron ore production at Stoilensky increased by 500,000 tonnes in 2015 as a result of operational efficiency programme gains.