Young professionals

Stoilensky aims to create an enabling environment for young workers to use their skills and build their career, to help them in addressing social issues.

Stoilensky has an active HR policy aimed at attracting prospective young workers from both colleges and universities and among those that have completed their service in the armed forces of Russia.

Stoilensky’s youth programmes focus on effective adaptation of graduates to the working conditions in production. The process includes the basic trades’ workers, managers and professionals under the age of 30.


of Stoilensky’s employees are under the age of 30.

"Young Leader of Stoilensky" contest

The goal of the contest is to form proactive attitude among young professionals, to create a workable environment and a professional and proactive talent pool of managers. During the competition, the participants develop managerial skills, organizational skills, stamina, stress resistance, and learn to work in a team.

Contestants take tests and participate in business games and sports competitions. The contestants are given the opportunity to show their leadership qualities, agility of thought, public speaking skills, and ability to work in a team.

The winners and contestants of "Young Leader" competition receive cash rewards.

"Young Professional” programme

Stoilensky’s Young Professional programme focuses on finding, developing and facilitating the acceleration of social and professional development of promising young employees of the Company.

Any employee at Stoilensky under the age of 30, with higher education and experience of not less than one year can participate in the programme. Those who are recognized as the best in the first stage of the programme will be awarded and will have an opportunity for further growth.

Stoilensky’s Young Professional programme is designed for two years. In the first phase, the participants will choose one of the five areas in which they plan to excel.

The final task of the first stage will be to develop an engineering project under the guidance of an expert consultant. A successful project will allow the participant to receive the title of “Stoilensky’s Best Young Professional» and move to the next stage.

At the second stage (the second year of participation in the programme) the best young professionals will receive targeted training in the structural unit under the leadership of their immediate supervisor - development mentor. Each participant will receive an individual development plan.

The main objective of the second phase of the programme is to further the professional development of the best young professionals, increasing their labour efficiency and their promotion through the ranks.

Personnel onboarding programme

The plant introduced an onboarding programme for new employees in 2015.

The main objective of the onboarding programme is to provide support to new employees during their adaptation period and to create conditions for the development of their functional responsibilities. This is done to ensure implementation of production goals in a timely manner, to shape a correct understanding by new employees of their duties, develop conscientious attitude to them and personal responsibility for the results.

Mentors together with the heads of the structural units determine the duration of adaptation period individually for each employee. Usually, onboarding takes at least two weeks.

Each newcomer passes two onboarding stages. The first stage is organizational and administrative which includes a workshop, which introduces the history and organizational structure of Stoilensky, as well as its main production processes, explains the activity of NLMK Group, its ecological programmes, occupational health and safety regulations, and so forth.

The second stage is the training at the workplace under the guidance of experienced mentors who transfer their knowledge and experience to the mentees, introduce them to the process, as well as contribute to shaping good relationships in the new team.

The work with high-potential employees

Twenty-nine young employees of Stoilensky were included in the list of high-potential employees in 2015.

The selection of promising young employees is based on the recommendations of heads of departments, candidates’ performance and the test results.

The goal of working with promising young employees is to develop their personal and managerial skills, involve them in activities to improve the Company’s performance and minimize the risk of losing them to other companies.

Cooperation with universities

The plant arranges training of workers in the universities at the expense of the Society of popular specialties. Twenty-three Stoilensky employees have the opportunity to get higher education in 2015-2016 school year at the expense of the plant. Another 17 people will continue their studies at the expense of the plant in Stary Oskol Technological Institute MISiS (part of the National Science and Technology University) under the cooperation programme, launched in 2014.

The employees can enroll in the funding programme on a competitive basis. The HR Commission takes into account the age of the applicant (35 years and younger), working experience in the Company (at least 1 year), participation in corporate contests and GPA not less than 3.8 points (for senior students), etc.