Stoilensky's priorities in charity include sponsorship of the orphanage, schools, day-care centres, cultural institutions, the municipal Veteran council, Association of disabled people and other organizations.

Support to veterans

War veterans currently or previously employed by Stoilensky receive financial help on major public holidays, and those in need get additional support on a case-by-case basis.

All workers retired from Stoilensky receive free subscription to the corporate newspaper Big Ore. Stoilensky's Council of war and labour veterans regularly takes plant's former employees on tours to memorial places of glory and historical sites.


Stoilensky's employees have opportunities to be involved in regular sports activities. The plant annually holds corporate sport competitions between teams of production shops and recreational activities for their families. In addition, the plant provides support to sports institutions of Stary Oskol.

In addition, regular assistance is provided to sports institutions of Stary Oskol.

In 2017, a swimming pool was inaugurated in Stary Oskol, in the reconstruction of which Stoilensky mining and processing plant invested about 50 million rubles. This is the only modern sports facility in the South-Western part of the city, where about 90 thousand old residents (40.9% of the population) live.

The pool will be able to visit not only the Stoilensky GOK, but also all residents. Here will train swimmers youth school of Olympic reserve.


The health and welfare of Stoilensky's employees is a priority focus of the company’s social activities.

Stoilensky provides to its employees group voluntary medical insurance. Under the insurance policy workers are entitled to free healthcare at the corporate medical unit located on site and other hospitals in Russia. For example, in 2017 over 166 people were admitted to the in-patient clinic of the corporate medical unit, 7.7 thousand people applied to the hospital, 37 employees were transferred for treatment to medical institutions in different cities.

Promotion of education

For many years now Stoilensky provides support to educational institutions of Stary Oskol. The plant provides funds to renovate classrooms, events halls and cafeterias, purchase new furniture, computers and multimedia equipment for schools, day-care centres and pre-school institutions.
The plant has been providing particularly strong support to comprehensive school No. 27. Continuous support from the plant was used to renovate classrooms, the events hall, the dancing room, the cafeteria and the swimming pool. The interior of the school is nicely decorated, and students enjoy access to modern educational resources and facilities. The school also hosts Zastava paramilitary patriotic club created with the plant's involvement and assistance. Stoilensky financed purchase of all equipment and gear, training weapon replicas and flags. The school is preparing to open a Stoilensky's museum on its premises.