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Stoilensky deposit of high-grade ore is discovered

01 December
Belgorod National Economy Council approves the construction of the Stoilensky mine

Resolution of Belgorod National Economy Council approves the construction of the Stoilensky mine with the capacity of 4 million tonnes of iron ore per year.

Beginning of Stoilensky mining construction

1 January 1961. The administration of Stoilensky mine (under-construction) is formed. The mine is a part of KMAruda plant. Vladimir Khersonsky is appointed Director.

The first million of cubic metres of soil is disposed of in the overburden dumps

Stoilensky mine is removed from the KMAruda plant

Stoilensky mine is removed from the KMAruda plant, receives autonomy with subordination to Tsentroruda trust with the Council of National Economy of Central Black Earth Economic Region.

5th anniversary of Stoilensky mining

The quarry celebrates its fifth anniversary from the start of its development. Over 33 million of cubic meters of overburden is disposed of in the overburden dumps.

Walking excavators

For the first time ever walking excavators ESh-10/60, ESh-5/45 are used at the disposal site.

05 November
The first mass explosion of Stoilensky

At 15:30 the first mass explosion of Stoilensky ore is produced

02 April
Stoilensky ore sent to Novotulsky Metallurgical Plant

The first train full of Stoilensky ore sent to Novotulsky Metallurgical Plant

27 March
1 million tonnes of ore

Stoilensky miners, committing to give 1 million tonnes of ore for Lenin’s 100 anniversary, abided by it 27 days ahead of schedule.

13 March
The 2-millionth tonne of iron ore is extracted

14 April
Stoilensky project

The Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union to start the design of Stoilensky mining and beneficiation plant is published.

14 March
10-millionth tonne of iron ore

The 10-millionth tonne of iron ore is shipped to the Soviet steelmakers. N. Antropov’s shift, V. Drigaylo, excavator driver, A. Shafran, locomotive driver earns the right to ship the anniversary tonne of iron ore.

Stoilensky is declared Komsomol’s All-Union top-priority construction project

04 June
The first issue of large-circulation newspaper "The Big Ore"

Ore concentrate is extracted from non-oxide quartzites

The trial iron ore concentrate is extracted from non-oxide quartzites. One thousand tonnes of crude ore processed.

09 January
50 mln tonnes of high-grade ore

03 November
Privatization of Stoilensky

Following the privatization of the state enterprise of the same name a Joint Stock Company Stoilensky Mining and Beneficiation Plant (JSC Stoilensky GOK) is established, which, according to the founding documents, is its successor.

24 April
Joint Stock Company Stoilensky GOK transformed into an Open Joint Stock Company

24 December
Reconstruction of the mining and transport schemes is over

The reconstruction of the mining and transport schemes is over. The act of commissioning is signed at 10:00.

04 April
Reconstruction of fine and secondary crushing building

Fine and secondary crushing building is reconstructed. Additional capacities increase the concentrate production up to 12 million tonnes per year. Stoilensky’s builders finished the construction within three months.

100 m tonnes of iron ore concentrate

Record shipment

Record shipment: 1,173 thousand tonnes of iron ore (1,002,400 tonnes of concentrate and 170,600 tonnes of sinter ore). This is the best result over the past three years.

OJSC "Novolipetsk Steel" acquires a controlling stake in JSC "Stoilensky GOK"

22 December
The new pumping station

The new pumping station with capacity up to 45 thousand cubic meters per hour is put into operation in the tailings shop at Stoilensky.

Record for concentrate production

Stoilensky’s beneficiation plant sets a record for concentrate production equal to 38.5 thousand tonnes of concentrate per day, which is 3 thousand tonnes more than the previous record achieved.

Stoilensky receives a certificate of compliance with international standards

The results of the external audit led by Det Norske Veritas, certification authority, have confirmed that the integrated system of environmental and quality management at Stoilensky complies with ISO 9001:2000 standards and ISO 14001:2004.

Development of the quarry

Stoilensky initiates the development of the upper layers of the quarry’s northwestern edge. The expansion of the quarry on the upper horizons would allow the Company to reach a new design capacity in 2013, increasing the production of non-oxidized ferruginous quartzites from 26 million to 42 million tonnes and of high-grade ore from 1.7 million to 1.9 million tonnes per year.

Development of beneficiation plant

Stoilensky finishes the construction of the first phase of section IV in the beneficiation plant. Total investment in the facility amounted to about 3 billion rubles.

Stoilensky produces the 200 million tonnes of concentrate

Stoilensky produces the 200 millionth tonne of concentrate. To produce this volume of output since the start in 1984 the beneficiation plant required about 442 million tonnes of ferruginous quartzites.

10 February
NLMK management decides to build a pelletizing factory at Stoilensky

NLMK management decides to build a pelletizing factory at Stoilensky (NLMK’s subsidiary) with the capacity of 6 million tonnes of iron ore pellets per year. The project includes construction of a factory and the development of individual objects of the enterprise infrastructure, providing the factory with raw materials to produce high-quality pellets with an iron content of about 65%.

Stoilensky extracts 600 millionth tonne of ore

Stoilensky launches its own gasification plant

Stoilensky launches its own gasification plant for filling cylinders at the oxygen station, with capacity of 175 cylinders per day. The new gasification plant will cover the current and future needs of the plant in the products of air separation, taking into account the programme to increase production volumes.

Stoilensky puts into operation the warehouse facility

Stoilensky (part of NLMK Group) puts into operation the warehouse facility that will host the equipment for overhaul and for the construction of pelletizing plant and thickening unit.

Stoilensky is ranked among the top 100 Russian companies

Stoilensky is ranked among the top 100 Russian companies based on the All-Russian professional competition "Success and safety.” The company took the 84th place out of 375 participants in the category "Organization of the production sector with the number of employees exceeding 500 people”.

Starting the installation of the refractory lining

In the annealing building of Stoilensky's future pelletizing plant the technicians start the installation of the refractory lining (a protective inner lining for the areas subject to high temperatures) of the annealing unit gas flues. The annealing building is one of the four major facilities of Stoilensky's pelletizing plant with a capacity of 6 million tonnes of pellets per year.

SGOK media is among the Best Corporate Media of Russian and the CIS steel industry

Stoilensky's corporate newspaper "Bolshaya Ruda" and NLMK Group's TV, based on Stoilensky's television studio, win the "Best Corporate Media of Russian and the CIS steel industry- 2015" contest. The competition was held as part of “Metal-Expo", an international industrial exhibition held in Moscow.

Quality standards

Stoilensky confirms the compliance of business processes with international quality, environment and energy saving standards.  Stoilensky's integrated system of quality management, environment and energy saving meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 50001: 2011.

New equipment for pelletizing plant

Stoilensky launches the installation of the first process equipment in the main production facilities of the pelletizing plant, currently under construction, that is the annealing and pelletizing facilities. The construction of the factory is on schedule.

New conveyors

NLMK Group replaces two main conveyors in Stoilensky's ore crushing building successfully completing a unique project for the reconstruction of an important element of the single production chain of the company. Thanks to the installation of the new conveyors, the throughput of the crushing area has increased by 40%, providing the operational stability of the production of iron ore concentrate for the Lipetsk site.

Construction of pelletizing plant

Stoilensky's pelletizing plant, currently under construction, executes the first start-up of one of the main units - a continuous annealing line. The dry run of the process equipment allowed to make sure that the load-bearing structures and drive components are assembled with a high degree of accuracy and the annealing machine will work steadily.

Agreement with INCO engineering

Stoilensky signs an agreement with INCO engineering, s.r.o., a Czech company, for the manufacture and delivery of a new generation lifting machine for the open pit drainage. The machine is designed to ensure the descent and lifting of personnel and mining equipment in the new mine shaft, which is part of the project to expand the open pit in the north-west direction.

Agreement with Belgorod government

Belgorod region and Stoilensky sign an agreement on joint development of Stary Oskol industrial-technological college. The agreement states that the parties undertake to promote the development of the material and technical base of the college as well as to improve the system of highly skilled mass trade workers and mid-level professionals training.

Stoilensky completes the substation at the pelletizing plant

It will fully cover the energy needs of the pelletizing plant under construction, one of the largest in Europe. The basic equipment of Main Stepdown Substation-14 comprises two transformers with total capacity of 63 mW. At the same time, the factory energy consumption after reaching the estimated capacity will amount to just over 50 mW.

29 November
Start up of the Pellet plant

NLMK group, international steel company with the assets in Russia, in European Union and in USA, completed successfully the main investment project of «Strategies 2017» – construction of the Pelletizing plant  at Stoilensky.
Chairman of the Russia government Dmitry Medvedev, Belgorod region Governor Eugenii Savchenko, Lipetsk region Governor Oleg Korolev, Minister of RF Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, Chaiman of the Director’s Board of NLMK Group Vladimir Lisin, President of NLMK Group Oleg Bagrin, partners of the company and representatives of workforce staff were participating in the opening ceremony of Pelletizing plant.
The production capacity of the Pelletizing plant amounts 6 mln tones of pellets per year. The equipment allows if necessary to increase capacity of the complex by 20% up to 7,2 mln tones of pellets per year.
Hi-tech complex was constructed over two years. The active phase of realization of the largest project in the region with total investment amount  approximately $680 mln (34 billion rubles) started in 2014 and was implementing with high rates.

06 January
Reconstruction of the railway station

Stoilensky starts the reconstruction of Yamskaya railway station - a major transport hub for shipping the finished product. After the reconstruction Yamskaya capacity will add over 6 million tonnes of pellets from the new factory to the shipment of concentrate, most of which will continue to be delivered to consumers.

Equipment modernization

Stoilensky starts the assembly of the first of four high-pressure grinding rollers, which will be installed as part of the upgrade of two sections of the beneficiation factory. The project in sections I and IV of the beneficiation plant will introduce a unique for Russia press roller ore grinding technology (HPGR). HPGR technology differs from the conventional grinding by that grinding is carried out under high pressure. This will increase the production of concentrate by 0.8 million tonnes per year by increasing the capacity of each upgraded section of the by 10%.

Conscientious employer

Stoilensky achieved «Employer compliance certificate» awarded for three years and was included in the register of the Belgorod region enterprises, which completely complying with the employee rights in regard to social welfare and labor safety.

This Certificate receipt is a result of SGOK participation in the project «Certification of the enterprise activity in regard to exercise of labor rights for the employee and employer», that is being realized by the State labor inspection service of the Belgorod region starting from 2009.